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IDoESE  2017

PhD research with industry

Getting a PhD degree is always a unique journey. Carrying out PhD research in empirical software engineering with industry has many special challenges. Empirical software engineering is often characterized as research where industry is the laboratory. It is a challenging laboratory especially for young researchers. You need to collaborate with seasoned experts in their busy business environment. Research is the core business for PhD students, but not for industry experts as research projects are not a top priority for them. How to survive and do successful research in the challenging industrial settings. This talk will cover the typical challenges and pitfalls of industrial collaboration in PhD research, the lessons learned from practice as well as guidelines for using empirical research methods when working with industry. The lessons learned come from both individual PhD students collaboration with industry as well as from consortium projects with several partners.

Keynote Speaker

Dr.Markku Oivo
Dr.Markku Oivo


Markku Oivo (PhD, eMBA) is full professor of software engineering at the University of Oulu (Finland) since 2002. He is head of the M3S research unit. He has 30+ years of research, R&D and management experience in academy and industry in Finland, US, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. During 2000-2002 he was Vice President and director of R&D at Solid Information Technologies. He held several positions at VTT in 1986-2000 including Professor and Head of Embedded SW R&D. He has held visiting positions at the University of Maryland (1990-91), Schlumberger Ltd. (Paris 1994-95), Fraunhofer IESE (1999-2000), University of Bolzano (2014-15), and Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (2015). He has worked at Kone Co. (1982-86) and at the University of Oulu (1981-82). He received the honor of First Class Knight of the White Rose of Finland in 2013. He is a founding member of ISERN. He has initiated and managed more than 100 national and international research projects and programs with tens of millions of euros at national and international scales. He has served as chair and committee member in organizing numerous international conferences, and has been a reviewer for top journals. His research interests include empirical research, software engineering methods and processes, agile, lean, cloud, startups, and management of technology.

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