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Lab Policy
The Department of Computer Science has invested considerable money and energy into creating computer labs to meet the academic needs of our students, while providing a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment. In order to keep these labs operational for you and allow us to have the resources to upgrade them, we ask that you follow the rules below. In most cases these rules reflect common sense and common courtesy. If you have any questions about these rules, or feel they restrict you from accomplishing your academic assignments, please contact the Facilities Coordinator. The System Administration staff has been instructed to enforce these rules and apply the appropriate penalty when they are broken. At a minimum the penalty is withdrawal of your access privileges, in the first instance for 24 hours, with the penalty doubling for each succeeding instance. The Facilities Coordinator may impose more serious penalties when the offence merits it.
  1. No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the computer labs. Use the lounge or one of the cafeterias if you wish to eat or drink.

  2. Displaying offensive images, including pornography or sending or posting messages which are offensive, harassing or discriminatory creates a poisoned environment and is not permitted. Such offenses may be further punishable under Ryerson's student conduct guidelines.

  3. Installing unlicensed software on lab machines is illegal, and may expose Ryerson to legal action. If you have any doubts about whether software may be installed, ask one of the System Administrators. Copying software from lab machines without permission is also an offense.

  4. Downloading copyrighted material is illegal and will not be tolerated. User account will be suspended immediately.

  5. Tampering with the computer hardware or cabling is an offence. If you detect hardware problems report it to a system administrator or by e-mail to request@scs.Ryerson.ca.

  6. Account privileges are given for your own, individual work. It is an offense to use someone else's account or to share your password with another user. If file sharing is necessary, ask your instructor to request that a group be set up to permit group access to common files.

  7. Sending unsolicited e-mail to multiple users is categorized as "spamming" and is prohibited.

  8. Attempting to gain access to systems (either inside or outside Ryerson) to which you have not been granted access is prohibited. Activities such as attempting to monitor network traffic, propagating viruses, trojans etc. and maliciously overloading networks or servers are also prohibited. Such offenses may be further punishable under the Criminal Code.

  9. You are granted account privileges to perform your academic work at Ryerson. Any use of these facilities for private commercial activity and for game playing is prohibited.

  10. Noise in the labs is to be kept to a minimum, to create an environment appropriate for work and study.

  11. Game playing in the labs is prohibited.

  12. Failure to obey instructions given by a System Administrator is an offence, which may result in account suspension.