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Frequently Asked Questions
Q) How do get a copy of the CS Student Handbook?
A) You can either download an electronic copy of the handbook or
obtain a paper copy from Lori .
Q) How do I get my final grade?
A) Final marks will not be posted to the course webpage and will be available through RAMSS.
Q) What are the lab policies?
A) Labs must be submitted on the due date. Each lab is due at the end of its lab hour. Late labs are not accepted and will receive a mark of zero.
Q) What do I do if I miss a test/exam due to medical reasons?
A) You need to provide a dated doctor's note stating your illness and the expected duration of your illness. Your doctor must fill out the Ryerson's medical form.
Q) What is Plagiarism?
A) Please read the Student Code of Academic Conduct.
Q) Can I appeal my grade or my academic standing?
A) Yes, please refer to the calendar to learn more about the appeal process.
Q) How can I learn about the computing facilities in School of Computer Science at Ryerson?
A) Please read the User's Guide to SCS Facilities.
Q) I'm full-time CS student. Do I need to get permission to take any CE courses?
A) Yes, please download a copy of the permission form,
complete it and return it to the Dept. Your request will be reviewed and you will be informed of the decision shortly afterward.
Q) Is there an electronic copy of the UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM CALENDAR available oline?
A) Yes, you can find a copy of the UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM CALENDAR here.