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Part-Time Program Overview
Ryerson’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Part-time Program is designed for individuals who are currently employed and do not have the opportunity to commit to a full-time education schedule. It is intended primarily for students who have some prior post-secondary education in computer science or related program in addition to the high school admission requirements. The academic content of the program is identical to the current full-time degree program in Computer Science, but will be modified to allow some substitutions to be drawn from existing continuing education courses. Some courses that are not available in the evening, may be offered in the late afternoon period.

The Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) program is designed to produce graduates who can work effectively as software practitioners in the wide variety of professional areas in the computing industry. Students are trained to be multilingual in the programming areas that are currently in demand. They are given a practical treatment of both systems programming and applications programming. This combination will satisfy future career requirements in areas where a technical knowledge of all phases of software in a given application is a major advantage. Through courses in electronics and hardware/software technology, students gain a knowledge of the hardware/software interface which is becoming essential to many microcomputer applications. An optional thesis in fourth year allows higher-ranking students the opportunity to work on projects representative of assignments encountered in industry.

Students in the Computer Science program get a lot of exposure to: Networked environments, Web-based applications, Client-server applications, Database design, Software Engineering and Compiler design.

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