Web Systems Development
Course Slides
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Lesson 01 ❯❯ Introduction to Web Systems Development
Lesson 02 ❯❯ Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Lesson 03 ❯❯ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Lesson 04 ❯❯ Responsive Design
Lesson 05 ❯❯ JavaScript and jQuery
Lesson 06 ❯❯ Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Lesson 07 ❯❯ Perl and CGI
Lesson 08 ❯❯ PHP, MySQL and Apache Server Management
Lesson 09 ❯❯ Classic ASP, CGI/Ruby and CGI/Python
Lesson 10 ❯❯ XML, JSON and Search Engine Optimization
Required Readings
These are required for the final exam along with all single pages pointed by blue links on the course slides.
CGI/PerlPerl Regular Expression Tutorial A simple regular expression tutorial for Perl (most work in JavaScript, Ruby and Python too).
CGI/PerlRegular Expressions in Perl A summary of the regular expressions in Perl (most work in JavaScript, Ruby and Python too).
CGI/PerlUploading Files in Perl A tutorial on how to use Perl to give visitors the ability to upload files to your site.
CGI/PerlWorking with Files in Perl Manipulate files and directories on the server from within your CGI scripts
CGI/RubyCookies in CGI/Ruby Using cookies is the most efficient method of remembering and tracking preferences, purchases, commissions, and other information.
CGI/RubySessions in CGI/Ruby To avoid storing massive amounts of information in-browser, developers use session IDs to store information server-side.
Other References
These are not required readings for the final exam.
TMUSCS Moon Server TutorialsTutorials on how to use the moon server and department VPN.
TMUUser's Guide to SCS FacilitiesThe guide of computer facilities at TMU's Computer Science Department.
TMUCS User Guide HandoutHandout for first use of lab facilities.
TMUBrightspace User IntroductionUsers guide to D2L/Brightspace.
HTML/CSSHTML Examples (Ihypress)Basic examples in HTML, HTML5 and CSS3
CGI/PerlMatt's Script ArchivePopular free Perl Scripts for web-based CGI development.
CGI/PerlCGI/Perl Examples (Ihypress)Simple examples of Perl programs.
PHPPHP.NETThe official PHP website.
PHPPHP Examples (Ihypress)Simple PHP programs.
CGI/RubyCGI/Ruby Examples (Ihypress)Simple CGI/Ruby programs.
CGI/PythonPython CGI ProgrammingA tutorial for CGI/Python programming.
CGI/PythonCGI/Python Examples (Ihypress)Simple CGI/Python programs.
GeneralRegular Expressions SpreadsheetA comparison of the different flavours of regular expressions.
JavaScriptJavaScript Examples (Ihypress)Simple examples of JavaScript programs.
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