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A world exists of three different tiles, squares,
triangles and circles. Each has one of three sizes,
small, medium or large. The tiles are placed on a
grid called a world.

To select a new world to view, choose the world from
the drop-down box above the world grid.

Sentences are entered in the box below the grid and
evaluate to either true or false based on the world.
Sentences are made up of operators, functions and

Each tile on the world can be given a name. The name
can be used to refer to the tile. Valid names are
the letters a to j.

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to enter sentences. Throughout the tutorial, examples are shown in bold face. As you go through the tutorial, you can type in these examples into the sentence box below the grid. You do not need to type them in bold.

Note that all operators and functions can be entered
in upper or lower case but tile names must be entered
in lower case.