Appendix A

  1. A Trans-based Interpreter
  2. An Execution Monitor
  3. A Blocks World Example


Appendix B

  1. A Trans-based Interpreter for Temporal Golog Programs
  2. An Execution Monitor
  3. Axioms for Examples That Illustrate Backtracking
  4. Execution Related Predicates
  5. visit1
  6. visit2
  7. A Coffee Delivery Robot: Axiomatization


Appendix C

  1. An Offline Decision-Theoretic Golog Interpreter
  2. An Example: Coins
  3. ADD-based Representation of a Delivery Example
  4. A Situation Calculus Representation of a FACTORY Example
  5. A Delivery Example in Golog


Appendix D

  1. An Online Decision-Theoretic Golog Interpreter