A Golog/Prolog - Tekkotsu Interface

This software interface (developed by Mr. Huy Pham) allows Golog programs running in ECLiPSe Prolog

to control a Sony Aibo ERS-7 robot, via the Tekkotsu framework. It needs ECLiPSe Prolog

to work with linear constraints on moments of time when (concurrent) actions can be

executed. Note that Tekkotsu is an open source project created and maintained at

Carnegie Mellon University.

Overview of this interface

Software Design Notes

API Specification

Download and Installation Instructions

(Warning: this version of interface includes both the source code and
Tekkotsu and OPEN-R runtime files; total size is about 6MB)

An example

Wee Pham's Master thesis with a chapter about this interface.


This software is distributed under GPL license.

Contact email address: huy_n_pham [at] yahoo [dot] com


  1. Tekkotsu builds on the basic functionality provided by OPEN-R (AIBO Software Developement Environment developed by Sony). It is written in C++, like the underlying system APIs. However, knowledge of the underlying Aperios operating system and the OPEN-R API is not necessary before using Tekkotsu and Prolog-Tekkotsu interface.
  2. This Golog/Prolog-Tekkotsu interface has been implemented with the intention to support teaching and research in Cognitive Robotics.