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All assignments are available from the cps721 online course shell at the university's Web portal.
Frequently Answered Questions about home work assignments are linked from this Web page (see below).

The 1st Assignment is posted from D2L. Visit my.ryerson.ca

Questions/Answers related to the 1st assigment will be posted in September.
Read the previously answered questions before sending email.


The CPS721 labs/tutorials start on Monday, September 11, 2023. The labs are mandatory. You can attend a lab only with your section.

You can attend a lab only with your section. No transfers between sections are possible. Usually, each lab/tutorial includes a mini-lecture and a quiz. Read the rules about labs in the course management form.

How to get started with Prolog? First, read this handout related to the first assignment. If you still experience difficulties after that, or you are not sure how to use ECLiPSe Prolog installed in labs, then send email to a TA and make an appointment. The TA can guide you through the basic steps of writing and compiling Prolog programs.

Visit this Web page to download an open source version of ECLiPSe Prolog (release 6) Note that a big green "Download" button on that Web page is linked to a Linux release that runs only on Linux machines. Go to " Files" (under the big green button) and download a release 6 for your operating system at home. Also, you can download the most recent ECLiPSe Prolog release for several operating systems from this Web page. If you install on a Windows-10 computer, then install all packages including bundled TCL/TK software that provides graphical interface. No help can be provided with installation of this software on home computers.

Instructions on how to install ECLiPSe Prolog on MacOS computer with M1 and M2 CPUs . This instruction file was prepared by one of the CPS721 students.

A few advises on how to install ECLiPSe Prolog on MacOS computer with Intel CPU. Corrections and your success stories are welcome. At your own risk, you can run the following script EclipseInstaller_mac.sh in the folder where you would like ECLiPSe Prolog to be installed. This script was prepared by a TA; it likely works on Apple laptops. Before you run it, read this script carefully. If you like it, make it executable using   chmod +x EclipseInstaller_mac.sh   and then run it in your Prolog folder. The script will take care of the rest, including downloading files and installing some dependencies required to run ECLiPSe on macOS. Note this script also downloads and installs X11 (XQuartz) for macOS. You have already installed this software, skip this part. The ECLiPSe installation portion will require some interaction, but the students can just repeatedly press "Enter" through it and it should work.


If you have questions related to cps721, you can send email both to the TA who will be marking this assignment (check CMF) and to the instructor. One of us will reply you and post an answer to your question on a Web page. Before you email your question, please check posted answers to previously received questions to make sure that your question has not already been answered.

Content: an electronic copy of the slides from class will be posted on my.ryerson.ca This electronic copy is provided exclusively for educational purposes, but slides should not be redistributed or posted anywhere else.

Revisions: If you would like to submit a revised copy of your assignment, then simply re-submit your assignment on D2L again. The same group representative must submit a revised version from the group. A new copy of your assignment will override the old copy. You can submit new versions as many times as you like and you do not need to inform anyone about this. Don't ask your team members to submit your assignment, because TA will be confused which version to mark: only one person from a group should submit different revisions of the assignment.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), to read .pdf files.

Ghostview, (free software), to read .ps files.