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Information about the final examination:
what to study before the test.
The final exam is scheduled on April 28, Monday, from 11:30am, in the VIC building, on the 2nd floor. The exam is 2h30min long.
All papers with marked Quiz 10 are in my mailbox. The students who would like to pick up marked Quiz 10 can ask for a copy at the Computer Science front desk. As usual, this quiz was marked out of 2 points. No penalty was applied for 1 or 2 errors in the adjacency matrices. The students who made 3 errors, lost 1 point. The students who made 4 errors or more, lost 2 points. Practice solving similar problems.


Assignment 3 is available from Mar 18. Visit Blackboard: CPS616 --> Assignments.

Email your questions: answers will be posted to FAQ about the 3rd assignment.


Assignment 2 is available from Mar 3. Visit Blackboard: CPS616 --> Assignments.

Email your questions: answers will be posted to FAQ about the 2nd assignment.

Information about the midterm test: what to study before the test.
Midterm Test is scheduled on February 28, Friday, 4-6pm, in the VIC building, on the 3rd floor.
Students can write this tests only in the specified rooms.


Assignment 1 is available from Jan 22. Visit Blackboard: CPS616 --> Assignments.

Email your questions: answers will be posted to FAQ about the 1st assignment.

A remedial tutorial on January 15-17 is mandatory. Check the timetable for your section and attend this tutorial. Since each lab section is full and there are no more seats available, you can attend labs only at time scheduled for your section.

2 copies of the textbook and a few other recommended texts are available from the university library for a short term loan. Ask for cps616 books on reserve.

All home assignments will be linked from Blackboard (please visit CPS616 Assignments). However, questions related to home assignments as well as my answers to them will be linked only from this Web page.

If you have questions about marking of the assignments, then please read carefully the marking guide posted on Blackboard. After that, if you still have questions, read the Course Management Form: the remarking policy. You can hand in your remarking request attached to a hard copy of your assignment to a departmental assistant at the CS reception desk. After that, please email the TA who marked this assignment and inform that you handed in a remarking request. Also, you can arrange by email a meeting in person with the TA.

If you would like to submit a revised electronic copy of your assignment, then run simply the submit command again. (The same person must run the submit command.) A new copy of your assignment will override the old copy. You can submit new versions as many times as you like and you do not need to inform me about this. Don't ask your team members to submit your assignment because a TA will be confused which version to mark: only one person from a group should submit different revisions of the assignment.

Late assignments (no more than 24 hours late): to hand in the printout, you can give it in person to a secretary at the CS reception desk and ask her to put a stamp on your assignment to confirm that you handed in your assignment in time. Late assignments without a stamp will not be accepted. Send email to the TA who is responsible for marking this assignment: inform that a hard copy of your assignments is available from the front desk. No assignments are accepted if more than 24 hours late: start doing your homework in advance! No make-up assignments.
To submit your files electronically, read instructions at the bottom of the last page of your assignment. Late assignments are penalized according to the policy specified in the course management form. You can submit an elecronic copy of your assignment from Labs. You can also submit it remotely from home. In the latter case, make sure you have ssh and other network-related software installed on your home computer to establish a secure remote connection with servers at the Computer Science department. Also, make sure your CS account is active.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), to read .pdf files.

Ghostview, (free software), to read .ps (PostScript) files.