cps815 FAQs  



Visit this page regularly! Important announcements will be posted on this page.


2 copies of the textbook are available from the university library for a short term loan. Ask for cps815 books on reserve. Take notes in class and read the handouts.

All home assignments will be linked from D2L. However, some questions related to home assignments as well as my answers to them can be linked only from this Web page.

If you have questions about marking of the assignments, then please read carefully the marking guide posted on D2L. After that, if you still have questions, read the Course Management Form: the remarking policy. You can hand in your remarking request attached to a hard copy of your assignment to a departmental assistant at the CS front reception desk. After that, please email the TA who marked this assignment and inform that you handed in a remarking request. Also, you can arrange by email a meeting in person with the TA.

Late assignments (no more than 24 hours late): to hand in your hard-copy, you can give it in person to an assistant at the CS reception desk and ask there to put a stamp on your assignment to confirm that you handed in your assignment in time. Late assignments without a stamp will not be accepted. Send email to the TA who is responsible for marking this assignment: inform that a hard copy of your assignments is available from the front desk. No assignments are accepted if more than 24 hours late: start doing your homework in advance! No make-up assignments.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), to read .pdf files.

Ghostview, (free software), to read .ps (PostScript) files.