KR-2010 Reception

The reception will take place at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The price of the reception is included in the KR-2010 registration fee. The reception will be on Monday, May 10, from about 6pm to about 9pm (time to be confirmed). Both the students from the Doctoral Consortium and the authors whose papers have been accepted for poster presentation ("short papers") will present their posters at the reception.

Please join us for an exciting event on the 33rd floor at the roof-top ball-room (click on Stop33 to watch video). The KR-2010 attendees will have an unique opportunity to attend poster talks as well as to see the beautiful views of the Toronto night ski-line. Here is a detailed map of 33rd floor.

The KR-2010 banquet is tentatively scheduled on Tuesday, May 11, 2010. This date is subject to change. If you are planning to attend the KR-2010 banquet, you have to pay separately at the registration page.

KR-2010 Posters

The foam-core boards and easels will be delivered to Stop33 before the poster session. Those people who will present the posters (including the Doctoral Consortium students) can use these boards and easels to mount their posters. Each board is 40"x60", i.e., about 1m * 1.5m, only one side can be used. You can use this board either in portrait or in landscape orientation (it is up to you). You can either order a large poster (from your local printing shop) that fits the board, or prepare smaller printouts, but please count carefully the number of printouts that fits the board. Materials to attach posters to the boards (tape, staplers, clips, and so on) will be provided.

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