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James Tang

Ambitious computer science student from Ryerson University Uncommitted to academic excellence. Knowledgeable and skilled software development; accustomed to working with C++, SQL, opencv, Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, React and android development; expert in Python and Java; prepared to implement diverse skill sets, technical proficiencies and new perspectives to leadership personnel.

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HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
PHP 70%
SQL 80%

Software and Open Source Technology

I have build a project and work with different open source technology include Nohe.JS, Express.JS, React, Materialize, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Android studio,Google cloud API, Google places API, Google map API,Opencv, and Tensorflow

  Beautiful Code

I am knowledgeable when it comes to coding in Python and Java, and I enjoy back-end development with MySql and PHP, I'm also very interested in machine learning and I been working on OpenCV and Tensorflow

  Drive to Impact

I tend to be persistent in accomplishing tasks and meeting deadlines. Because of this, I push through roadblocks and complete tasks that require perseverance. I also tend to be goal-oriented, hold myself to a high standard, and set challenging goals for myself.

  Team Work

I enjoy working with others to solve complex problems and are comfortable speaking my mind and idea to my team.

  Adapt Quickly, Always Learn

Enjoy learning within my areas of expertise and building on areas in which I have demonstrated competence. Continuing toword learnnew and diverse topics, perspectives and grow.

Recent Work


Front end Web Design Demo

Front-end responsive web page design using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Materialize and Javascript with different themes


Lyric Search Web App

This application can use to search song lyrics using React built in context API along with the Musixmatch public API.


Derma Box

Detects atopic eczema in babies. Used by 3rd-world midwifery nurses(Top 5 Final Project In New Hack)


E - Halo

An app which helps its users drop their vaping addictions.


Face Recognition

A project that implement opencv that can recognize people faces


Car Dealership Simulator

A car dealership simulator that build using Java

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