Terms of Use


Please note that no person has permission to record, in any fashion, anything relating to the instructor(s)/TA(s), in and out of class/labs, except for personal handwritten/electronic notes for personal use. Record includes, but is not limited to, audio recordings, and still/moving images. No person has permission to give to, or reproduce for, any other person/people, or the public, in any fashion, any notes taken, with exception being lending a student your personal notes for a day s/he missed.


Announcements will be made periodically in class, regarding assignments, tests, due dates, due date changes, etc. The student is responsible for knowing about all announcements, even when she/he misses the class in which the announcement was made. I will make every effort to put any announcements on the "Announce Page" for the class.

The Announce Page for a course will be in, where X is the course number. For example, the cps118 announce page is at:

If I am not the coordinator for the course, then ALSO check the main course site for announcements.


If your course has a TAs, then please ask the TA any questions you have--even those about the lecture content. Either see the TAs in their office hours, labs, or email them. The TAs may post your question (anonymously) and their answers on the Announce Page.

If a TA refers you to me to answer a question, then please see me in my office hours. Do not email any questions to me please. I may post your question (anonymously) and my answer on the Announce Page so that all students can benefit equally. When there are a lot of questions, I often make a separate QA page (and link it from the Announce Page).
Check the Announce or QA page before asking your question, since if you ask a question that I have already answered, I will not post/answer it a second time.

Final Grades:

Here is my understanding, regarding final grades, from the secretary of Academic Council:

Grading Concerns:

Please report mistakes in addition immediately upon return of your evaluation. If you notice a grading error, you must notify the appropriate grader (sometimes me, sometimes a TA) within 24 hours of the material being returned. (Re-marking forms, etc., may be required--check info for your specific course.) Evaluations (tests, etc.) written in pencil will not be re-evaluated.


Please review the complete policy on Academic Misconduct (see link from Course Outline.)

We tend to learn programming best by practicing. When I assign an assignment, lab, etc., it is my expectation that you do the work yourself, even if this is not explicitly stated on the question. If group work is permitted, then the work must be limited to only your group members. (Note that I will also allow groups as per the Departmental Assignment Policy as it is explained in Computer Science Policies ).

Questions asked on Tests/Exams/Assigns/Labs etc.:

Anything goes here. You could be asked any type of question for any of these. The format could be anything. You could find short answer, long answer, pseudo-coding, coding, multiple-choice, true-false, online questions, oral questions, etc.

Late Submissions:

Late submission of any course work are normally not accepted, but are subject to the same rules as Missed Evaluations (see link from Course Outline.)

. Check page periodically for modification.