Gaze-contingent interactive visualization of high-dynamic-range imagery


There exist many types of visual imagery that span a dynamic range that exceeds what typical displays are able to capture. This implies that some information is lost, and requires schemes for compressing the dynamic range so that images are amenable to viewing on standard display technology. In certain application domains, specialized displays that cover a wider dynamic range are employed including for the display of medical images for diagnostic purposes. In this paper, we present a means of locally adapting the dynamic range of the display as a function of gaze location to allow for visualization of high dynamic range media on standard displays. This allows for viewing visual media over a dynamic range that exceeds limitations of any display, and presents additional value for certain application domains. The implemented system also allows for control over dynamic range globally based on hand gestures. © 2016 IEEE.

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Eye Tracking and Visualization, ETVIS 2016

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