Ryerson University 
School of Computer Science 

CPS607 Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Lecture Notes

The Ryerson lecture notes are available in Adobe PDF reader format (3.0). Each slide deck is available as a Powerpoint Slideshow file.

These notes are not necessarily in the order that they will be presented.

  1. The Dissuasion class notes.  Videos: Archaeological Robot, Dante II, Pathfinder and Sojourner, Boston Dynamics Shelf Stacking
  2. The Tutebot class notes. Videos:  Differential Steering, Hitchbot, Ocotobot, Lawn Mower, Pneumatic robot, 2WD chasis, DARPA concept, DARPA fails and Russian tank fail. Photocopies: How to build a tutebot
  3.  History and Background class notes. Videos: Mechanical Duck Automaton, The Peasant and His Pig Automaton, Buffalo Bill Smoking Automaton, R.U.R., WWII RC Aircraft-Aphrodite, Delta Robot, Pick and Place Robot, Servo Robot, Samuri vs. Robot, Walking Truck, Shakey the robot, Brooks and Subsumption Architecture, Kismet the social robot, Jibo robot, Actimates.
  4. Sensors class notes. Videos: Altoids plant, robot accident at Altoids plant, robot accident at Bacardi plant, fooling sensors, seal whiskers, dextrous hand, light following, real baby ducks, robot baby duck, sonar failure mode
  5.  Autonomy class notes. Videos: Murderous Robots, Locusts, Cockroaches, Kant, Self-driving car faith, Autonomy thought experiment, Hatching chick, Human baby, Elephant baby, Wind-up robot, Path planning, DARPA Grand Challenge 2004, Kilobots 1 and 2
  6. Biomicry class notes. Videos: The Six Million Dollar Man, Biomimicry explained, Biomimetic muscles, The History of Velcro, Biomimetic bat echolocation, Biomimetic bat flight, Termites, Bushbabies, SALTO the artificial bushbaby, Spider algorithms, Spider as 3D printer model, Frog on a phone, About frog spit, Amazon delivery drones, Military plans for biomimetics
  7. Understanding Animal Behaviour class notes. Videos: Sam the Seagull, Reflex Arc, Improving Reflexes, Robot with Human Reflexes, Monkey Chick, Digger Wasp's HoleDigger Wasps Instinct, Dog Learning, USAR Dogs Save You, Bark Barrel Learning, Finding Humans Under Rubble
  8.  READ THIS: New Perspectives on Intelligence class notes. Videos: Tic-Tac-Toe Against a ChickenThe Chinese Room vs. Alan Turing, Synthetic Psychology, Bad Robot Screwing with Expectation
    EXTRA CONTENT  from "CPS813 Human Robot Interaction"
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