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The Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI) is located at 1 Dundas Street West, 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z3.

To contact a member of the OVPRI team, please consult the phone and email directory below. To reach staff by phone, dial the main number 416-979-5000 followed by their extension.

For other contacts, please visit the main Ryerson contact page, opens in new window.

Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Name Role Extension Email
Steven N. Liss
Vice-President, Research & Innovation 5283
Naomi Adelson Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation 6606
Melanie Martin-Griem Executive Director 2794
Anna Sotnykova   Executive Operations & Communications Coordinator 2591
Veronica Cumberbatch Administration and External Awards Coordinator 7579

Research Grants

Name Role Extension Email
Richard McCulloch Director, Research Services (Interim)
Iain McQueen Grants/Contracts Officer, Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2648
Sanja Obradovic Grants/Contracts Officer, Health Sciences (CIHR) 7521
Linda Hurrell Grants/Contracts Officer, Science & Engineering (NSERC) 4179
Javad Ghatta Research Projects Officer (Grants Facilitator) 3436

Applied Research & Commercialization

Name Role Extension Email
Vigen Nazarian

Senior Commercialization Specialist & Senior Director, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives (Acting)


Leslie Bone Business Development Director, Mitacs 543498

Lisa Leung Applied Research and Innovation Advisor 3283
Galina Maliouta Applied Research and Innovation Advisor 7287
Suraj Shah Applied Research and Innovation Advisor 6531
Daphne Paszterko Research Proposal Facilitator
Philam Nguyen Research Proposal Facilitator


Charlotte Mihailov Research and Innovation Assistant 3552

Business Development & Strategic Planning

Name Role Extension Email
Jarrod Ladouceur Project Manager 3324
Dayle Ann Levine Manager, Institutional Projects & University-Wide Research Chairs 2468
Aleksandar Kojic Administrative and Projects Assistant 5042

Research Ethics

Name Role Extension Email
Zakiya Atcha Research Ethics Coordinator 4841
Farid Pesteh Research Ethics Coordinator 2963

Research Planning, Finance & Administration

Name Role Extension Email
Vivian Chan Senior Director, Research Planning, Finance & Administration 2792

Research Communications

Name Role Extension Email
Sylvia Kavanagh Director, Research Communications 2795