Voting Members

Faculty Members:

Abdolreza Abhari, Manar Alalfi, Kosta Derpanis, Cherie Ding, Alex Ferworn, Denis Hamelin, Eric Harley, Vivian Hu, Dave Mason, Ali Miri, Jelena Misic, Vojislav Misic, Andriy Miranskyy, Tim McInerney, Joshua Panar, Sophie Quigley, Alireza Sadeghian, Marcus Santos, Mikhail Soutchanski, Denise Woit, Isaac Woungang

Sessional and Part-time Instructors Representative:

Maryam Davoudpour

Student/Alumni Members:

  • President1: Jan Jedrasik

  • Vice-President Academic1: Tolaz Hewa

  • Vice-President Operations and Events: Tony Misic

  • Vice-President Carrer and Outreach: Mathew Mozaffari

  • Vice-President Commmunications: Daniel Bellissimo

  • Vice-President Finance: Andrei Korac

  • First Year Representative1: Alfred Langer

  • Second Year Representative1: Wayne Ferrao

  • Third Year Representative1: Noah Mifsud Lattari

  • Fourth Year Representative1: Malcolm Gomes

  • Graduate Student Representative1: Salam Ismaeel

  • Alumni Representative: Vacant

1 Means that a given position has a seat on the DCS Council A === Non-Voting Members All permanent staff of the department are non-voting members of the Council.

Officers & Committee Members

Council Officers

  • Chair2: Andriy Miranskyy

  • Vice-Chair2: Neil Bruce

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Faculty Members:

  • Isaac Woungang [ex-officio]

  • Alex Ferworn3

  • Vivian Hu3

  • Dave Mason2

  • Sophie Quigley3

Student Members:

  • Jan Jedrasik

  • Tolaz Hewa

Budget Planning and Physical Resources Committee

Faculty Members:

  • Mikhail Soutchanski [ex-officio]

  • Isaac Woungang [ex-officio]

  • Ali Miri [ex-officio]

  • Abdolreza Abhari3

  • Denis Hamelin3

  • David Mason3

  • Josh Panar2

Student Members:

  • Jan Jedrasik

  • Andrei Korac

2 Means that the mandate of a given member will expire in September 2019.

3 Means that the mandate of a given member will expire in September 2020.